Donovan McNabb: Former Vikings QB tries to talk his way out of DUI bust (Video)


Video has emerged of the traffic stop that resulted in Donovan McNabb’s second DUI bust in roughly two years and let’s just say it’s not the most flattering on-camera appearance of Donovan’s life.

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In the clip (obtained of course by TMZ) a chunky-looking McNabb can be seen making clumsy excuses to a cop for why he has liquor on his breath.

McNabb begins by claiming he’s been sick and is on some kind of medicine. The cop doesn’t buy it and asks McNabb if he’s willing to take a test.

The cop then asks McNabb if he’s suffered any head injuries. McNabb points out that he played football but admits it was three years ago. But you never know, he could still be suffering the after-effects of a concussion!

The whole exchange is very awkward and painful and though McNabb does not seem terribly drunk, it’s pretty obvious that he’s not in full command of his faculties.

Keep in mind that, before the traffic stop, McNabb rear-ended another vehicle at a stop light. So the cops had plenty of reason to suspect McNabb was not entirely sober.

In the end, McNabb refuses the sobriety test and the cop places him under arrest for DUI.

The police found alcohol, a plastic bag full of $100 bills and some other valuables in McNabb’s car. But at least they didn’t find a gun. Amazingly.

Since the arrest, McNabb has been suspended from his media gigs with Fox Sports 1 and NBC Sports Radio.

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