Chris Kluwe: Watch the outspoken punter play Magic the Gathering (Video)


Why would anyone want to sit there for nearly a half-hour watching former Vikings punter Chris Kluwe play the card game Magic: The Gathering against some dude?

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Boredom. Sheer boredom.

Actually, once you get into the video, you might find yourself becoming mildly intrigued and perhaps even a little entertained. I may not enjoy card games myself but I certainly enjoy the players’ enjoyment.

Spoiler alert: Kluwe crushes the crap out of his opponent. Basically, he puts the guy on an island and nukes it. And boy does Kluwe enjoy dominating this poor schmo. His glee reaches cartoon villain proportions as he lays the card-game lumber to this guy.

Trust me, it’s kind of entertaining. And it’s informative for those who are not familiar with this particular game.

Before today, I knew nothing about Magic: The Gathering. Now I know two things:

1. I do not have the brains or the patience to learn how to play this.

2. If I did somehow learn to play this, I would not want to take on Chris Kluwe. Dude is cold-blooded.

If only he punted as well as he plays card games, he’d still be on the Vikings.

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