Adrian Peterson’s new Minnesota Vikings contract details


The Minnesota Vikings and running back Adrian Peterson agreed to a restructured deal yesterday, but details were very slow to leak out about what the terms of the new contract were and what it means for the team as well as the player.

Today, we are able to take a look at what the deal actually looks like thanks to  Let’s look at what the former NFL MVP’s price tag will be for the next three years.

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Here is the time-table for the bonuses as well as the escalators that Adrian Peterson can earn during his time with the Minnesota Vikings:

  • 2015 $2 million Roster Bonus due July 28
  • 2016 $7 million guaranteed, fully on 3rd day of 2016 league year
  • 2016 $5 million Roster Bonus due on 3rd day of 2016 league year
  • 2017 $6 million Roster Bonus due on 3rd day of 2017 league year
  • 2016 and 2017 $250k Workout Bonus (OTA practices and mandatory minicamps)
  • 2016 Roster Bonus Escalator
    $1M (1,750 rush yards and a divisional playoff win)
    $2M (1,900 rush yards and a Super Bowl win)
  • 2016 Roster Bonus De-Escalator
    -$1M (less than 1,550 rush yards OR no playoff win)
    -$2M (less than 1,350 rush yards OR fails to make the playoffs)
  • De-escalators can be earned back in 2017 incentives
    $1M de-escalator can be earned back with 1,550 rush yards AND a playoff win
    $1M of the $2M de-escalator can be earned back with 1,350 rush yards AND a postseason birth

Jul 25, 2014; Mankato, MN, USA; Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson (28) runs through drills at training camp at Minnesota State University. Mandatory Credit: Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

This is a great contract for Adrian Peterson because he gets $20 million in guaranteed money on his contract and can also earn a lot more in roster bonuses just by sticking with the team.  This gives him the “peace of mind” and financial stability that he was on Twitter discussing not too long ago.

Meanwhile, the Minnesota Vikings give themselves some wiggle room financially while also making the contract easier to move on from following the 2015 NFL season.  The guaranteed money in 2016 is only if the games are missed due to injury, so either trading or outright releasing the star running back could be simple.

The best outcome would be if the Vikings win a lot of games and are very successful in the playoffs the next three seasons with Adrian Peterson playing like the monster that we know he can be.  Peterson would have a lot of his escalators and bonuses hit while bringing the franchise (hopefully) some championships and recognition.

What do you guys think?  Did the Vikings give Adrian Peterson too much on this contract or do you think it was necessary to ensure the happiness of one of the team’s best players?  Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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