Bernard Berrian: Catches former teammate burglarizing home (Video)


Former Vikings free agent bust Bernard Berrian was recently the victim of a burglary, which is no big deal by itself. But the details of the burglary are totally insane.

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Berrian told TV station KSFN in Fresno what happened the night his home was robbed. Turns out the burglar was someone Berrian knew. In fact, Berrian had just been talking to the guy moments before the burglary unfolded and was able to watch the criminal act play out right in front of him (via

"“I actually watched him doing it while he was doing it,” said Berrian. “I could have actually spoke to him, I got a microphone on there. I could have told him, I got you, while he was doing it.” …“It was crazy because we were all sitting around and he actually left from where we were at to go do it,” said Berrian. “Boom, motion sensor went off, I get an email, so I click on the live cam.”"

The perpetrator Therrian Fontenot played football with Berrian at Fresno State and was a long-time friend. Fontenot was arrested and is now going to jail after pleading no contest to charges.

Berrian says his house was broken into a couple times before the night he caught Fontenot in the act and he believes Fontenot was responsible for those break-ins as well though Fontenot was charged only for the crime that was caught on tape.

Berrian claims Fontenot stole $30,000 in cash altogether. He says Fontenot was motivated by the desire to live a “baller lifestyle” that he couldn’t afford.

At least we know Bernard Berrian hasn’t squandered all that money the Vikings gave him for doing almost nothing.

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