Matt Kalil: ‘I’ve learned not to complain about things I can’t control’


Matt Kalil has some growing to do as a player and a person if he wants to prove he’s worth a new long-term contract.

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The growing-as-a-player part is still a major concern, but it seems he’s making some progress in working on Matt Kalil the person.

As we recall, it was kind of a tough 2014 for Kalil, and he didn’t always handle the adversity well.

Kalil’s maturity and mental toughness were rightly called into question after an incident where he confronted a heckling fan in the parking lot on the heels of what can charitably be described as a disappointing performance against the Packers.

That incident you may remember came right after Kalil reportedly blew off the media, always a no-no unless you want your life to be made utterly miserable.

Good news: Kalil seems to have learned from those experiences and the criticism that subsequently rained down on him.

The specific fan incident wasn’t addressed, but Kalil did indirectly refer to it and all the other stuff that went down in 2014 during a brief chat with’s Mike Wobschall as Kalil arrived at training camp in Mankato.

Wobschall asked Kalil about the hot weather that is expected to dominate during camp and Kalil just laughed it off (via

"“I’ve learned not to complain about things I can’t control.”"

A lot of stuff happened last year that Kalil couldn’t control, and he handled it poorly. But it seems he now acknowledges that.

If Kalil truly has learned that lesson, then he has taken a major step toward developing the mental approach he needs if he wants to get better and earn a new contract.

Good job, Kalil. You’re getting there. Now block better.

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