Cordarrelle Patterson: Mike Zimmer still questioning Flash


Mike Zimmer is still asking the same questions about WR Cordarrelle Patterson aka Flash.

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Last year Zimmer wondered aloud if Patterson was too in love with the bright lights and not enough in love with the daily grind.

In a new Q&A with Tom Pelissero of USA Today, Zimmer once again questions whether Patterson’s head is in the right place.

Patterson may have the talent to be a great receiver, but does he have the dedication? Zimmer wonders too (via USA Today):

"Cordarrelle is on a good track right now, OK? Now, can he sustain? Can he continue to sustain what he’s doing? … Really, I think what he needs to do is just the consistency every single day and the consistency in studying, the consistency in getting extra help that he needs if he needs it, running the routes the same all the time and understanding that there’s a lot of great athletes that play professional sports, and there’s a lot of great athletes that don’t make it in professional sports because they don’t have the other intangibles. To me, the biggest thing with him is that: Does he want to be ‘Flash’ or does he want to be a great receiver?"

It’s interesting that Zimmer would mention Patterson getting extra help. Patterson was scheduled to get extra help from an unnamed mentor this offseason but elected not to avail himself of that assistance.

Patterson insists that he talked to Zimmer about that situation and the coach is cool with it, but I wonder.

Zimmer’s comments continue to suggest that he is not at all cool with the way Patterson comports himself.

The no-nonsense Zimmer constantly reiterates that he wants a team filled with tough, smart football players. Does Patterson fit that mold in Zimmer’s mind?

And in the end, does it even matter if Patterson lives up to the expectations placed on him after his intriguing rookie season?

The Vikings can win without Cordarrelle Patterson as long as they have other receivers who are tough and smart and good. And willing to do what their coaches ask.

With Charles Johnson, Mike Wallace, Jarius Wright and Stefon Diggs in the fold, it will be easy for the Vikings to move on from Flash if he doesn’t develop the game to go with the persona.

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