Minnesota Vikings: Long snapper duel will affect preseason strategy


The long snapper duel between Cullen Loeffler and Kevin McDermott will have ramifications for the Minnesota Vikings beyond the actual long snapper position itself.

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Mike Zimmer indicated in his training camp press conference Wednesday that the need to give equal opportunity to each long snapper will impose certain strategic limitations on the coaching staff come preseason.

In short, don’t look for too much gambling from the Vikings after touchdowns. At least not until this whole long snapper thing is sorted out.

Because of the long snapper duel, the Vikings won’t be able to practice two-point conversions in the preseason. What will this mean for the team long-term?


If you’re bothered by this almost certainly meaningless side effect of carrying on an open long snapper competition, blame Mike Priefer.

Special teams coach Priefer is the one who believes he needs to give his two long snappers an equal number of reps in order to have a fair competition.

Priefer is the one who thinks you actually need a whole competition that lasts through training camp and into preseason in order to pick a long snapper.

And Rick Spielman went along with all this by acquiring Kevin McDermott to compete with Cullen Loeffler.

Really, how hard is it to pick a long snapper? You wouldn’t think it would be that hard. But then again I’m not an expert. And I guess it’s good that Mike Priefer is being so thorough.

Calling Mike Priefer completely anal and out of his mind would be off-base, right?

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