Chad Greenway: Vikings LB pretends to eat dragonfly (Photo)


Chad Greenway is going to get a phone call from PETA about this one.

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Greenway and some of his teammates were messing around at camp the other day when a dragonfly descended into their midst, immediately becoming an object of fascination.

You may have already seen the image of Anthony Barr staring at the dragonfly with the kind of fixity normally only seen in dogs watching squirrels out the window.

Well that wasn’t the only bit of fun the Vikings had with the dragonfly.

The NFL’s Instagram account just posted a bunch of images, including one where Chad Greenway appears to eat the dragonfly.

Don’t worry, the next image shows Chad Greenway holding the still-living dragonfly. So he didn’t actually eat it. He only pretended to eat it. Because he’s wacky.

Even if Greenway only pretended to consume the insect, you can bet there will be some people who take offense at the way he manhandled it.

All animal life is important Chad Greenway. You don’t want to wind up like that dentist do you?

For those who find this post too frivolous, keep in mind that one of the biggest stories at camp this year is whether Cullen Loeffler or Kevin McDermott will end up long snapping.

When a long snapper battle is one of your main storylines, you’ve already passed frivolousness and are well on your way to absurdity. So this fits right in.

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