Minnesota Vikings: Chris Berman, Trent Dilfer will call MNF opener


The Minnesota Vikings will get a rare chance to bask in the glow of the national spotlight when they play the San Francisco 49ers in the back half of ESPN’s Week One Monday Night Football doubleheader.

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Unfortunately, being on ESPN means you get ESPN announcing teams. And in the Vikings’ case, they get the B-team. According to PFT’s Mike Florio, Chris Berman and Trent Dilfer will be that announcing team.

No big surprise there as Berman and Dilfer have done B-team duties for ESPN three times on Monday Night Football.

If you can’t stand listening to Berman and Dilfer – and who can really? – you have a couple options.

1. Mute the sound and put on Paul Allen’s KFAN call (and deal with the call being a tad out-of-sync with the TV broadcast).

2. Mute the sound entirely.

3. Get very drunk and cackle wildly at the idiocy of Chris Berman and Trent Dilfer.

Though Berman and Dilfer may suck, I doubt Viking fans’ enthusiasm will be dampened much that particular night. It’s the opener and it’s on Monday Night Football. And it’s against an opponent we really don’t like that much.

My only regret here is that Christian Ponder is no longer on the Vikings. Another Dilfer anti-Ponder rant would have been highly entertaining.

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