Minnesota Vikings: Is Stefon Diggs pushing Marcus Sherels?


The emergence of rookie 5th round draft pick Stefon Diggs could make life uncomfortable for the ever-tenacious but ever-on-the-bubble Marcus Sherels.

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In addition to his duties as a receiver, Diggs has been taking punt return reps, and the early reviews suggest he has a chance to unseat Sherels as the team’s punt returner.

Things reportedly got off to a shaky start for Diggs at punt returner but he has shown improvement and according to special teams coach Mike Priefer he is pushing Sherels (via St. Paul Pioneer-Press):

"“He is catching punts better than he ever has,” special-teams coordinator Mike Priefer said of Diggs. “In college you don’t have as much time to work on that stuff, so he came here with kind of a clean slate in terms of being a punt returner, kickoff returner, in terms of catching the ball.“He’s got all the talent in the world.”"

Bumping Sherels won’t be easy though. The former UDFA out of the University of Minnesota is a proven punt returner and the extra value he brings as a backup cornerback always makes him an attractive roster piece.

The unheralded Sherels always comes into camp with his butt on the bubble but when the dust clears his bubble is always intact while some other schmo who was supposed to be taking his job is hitting the street.

Then again, Sherels arguably has never faced competition as stiff as what he is facing this year. Diggs is a different animal than the Bobby Felders and Josh Robinsons and others who have tried to win Sherels’ job.

Diggs has blown up in camp and when all is said and done the Vikings may decide to maximize his value by giving him punt return duties as well as receiver duties.

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