Minnesota Vikings: Did Mike Wallace quit in Miami?


Mike Wallace left Miami with a tattered reputation after being accused of quitting on his teammates in the second half of the Dolphins’ season-ending loss to the New York Jets.

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That bad rep may have been part of the reason Miami felt the need to move Wallace, who was traded to the Vikings for a 5th round pick.

According to Wallace, the reputation for quitting is entirely unearned. In fact, Wallace seems pretty bent out of shape about the suggestion that he packed it in on his team (via CBSSports.com):

"“I did not quit,” Wallace insisted. “It didn’t happen like that. I don’t remember what I said, but it wasn’t anything like I am not playing. It definitely wasn’t that. I would never quit on my teammates. Anybody who said I did wasn’t there. The only ones who were there were coach Philbin and my assistant receivers coach. That’s it. Anybody else is making it up. They have no idea.”"

Wallace made his statements to CBSSports reporter Pete Prisco, who set Wallace up nicely by labeling the receiver “the most persecuted receiver in the NFL.”

Maybe Prisco was being sarcastic but Wallace didn’t see it that way and ran with the “persecuted” label:

"“A lot of people persecute me like you said,” Wallace said during a break in camp. “Sometimes it’s fair, and sometimes it isn’t.”"

In summary: Mike Wallace is not a quitter but he is persecuted. Whatever gets you through the day Mike!

Reviews of Wallace’s attitude from early in camp suggest he is a changed man, a man who has turned over a new leaf, a man who is ready to take on a veteran leadership role with his new team.

We’ll see.

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