Teddy Bridgewater: QB takes DeMarcus Van Dyke for a bike ride [Video]


How did Vikings cornerback DeMarcus Van Dyke wind up riding from the Mankato dorms to the practice facility on the handlebars of Teddy Bridgewater’s bike?

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Somebody stole Van Dyke’s bike, leaving him without a means of getting to practice. Enter hero Teddy Bridgewater.

Bridgewater went “Miami style,” let Van Dyke climb up onto his handlebars and rode him to practice. Just like we used to do when we were kids.

And Xavier Rhodes thought this was hilarious enough to post on Instagram.

The culprit in the bike jacking? Van Dyke knows it was one of his teammates but he doesn’t know which (Could it have been Xavier Rhodes himself? Just spitballing here).

Van Dyke may have lost his bike to a prankster teammate, but at least Teddy was there to make sure he didn’t have to walk all the way to the practice facility. And that’s how you show leadership.

Some quarterbacks get punched in the jaw by their teammates for not paying their debts, and some quarterbacks give their teammates rides on their bikes.

Yeah, I already got the new nickname: Teddy Two-Wheels.

Tandem Teddy?

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