Jameis Winston: Vikings get first crack at number one pick


“Welcome to the NFL, Jameis Winston.”

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You’ll be reading those words a lot on Twitter tonight and probably hearing them on the TV broadcast. Because we all love cliches.

Tonight’s Vikings-Buccaneers game will feature among other things the professional debut of Mr. Winston, the controversial former Florida State quarterback who was taken #1 overall by Tampa Bay.

That lends tonight’s game a level of intrigue that puts it a cut above most preseason contests.

How will Winston look against the Vikings’ improving defense?

Which Vikings lineman will get the first crack at a sack on Winston?

Will Everson Griffen be the one to give Winston his painful initiation into the NFL?

Hello there Mr. Winston.

I’m sure Griffen would be tickled to dish out Winston’s first taste of NFL pain. Just tickled pink.

A piece of advice for Buccaneers fans as they embark upon the Jameis Winston era: Be patient.

Winston is sure to experience plenty of struggle during his rookie season, given all the pressure that’s been placed on his shoulders.

#1 overall pick? Savior of the franchise? Next big thing in the NFL?

Winston likely will not live up to early expectations. He likely will be bad before he’s good.

Viking fans know all about FSU quarterbacks not living up to expectations.

We also know about rookie quarterbacks who are pretty good right out of the gate. But Teddy Bridgewater’s rookie year was more the exception than the rule.

It’s unlikely that Jameis Winston will be as good in his first year as Bridgewater was. In fact, he almost certainly will not.

But be patient Bucs fans. Don’t get on Winston too hard if he struggles. Give it time. Let it happen.

Not everyone can be Teddy Bridgewater, you know?

Tonight the Buccaneers and Winston and their fans begin the journey together. And Viking fans will fill up TCF Bank Stadium to watch Everson Griffen give Famous Jameis his welcome-to-the-NFL gift.

God I hope Griffen crushes him. Nothing personal Jameis.

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