Cordarrelle Patterson catches TD, still annoys Mike Zimmer


The good: Cordarrelle Patterson caught a 21-yard TD from Shaun Hill Saturday night against the Buccaneers on a play where the receiver uncharacteristically flashed solid route-running technique.

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The bad: On a different play, Patterson was flagged for a taunting penalty after getting in the face of a Buccaneers defender for no good reason.

That’s how it goes with Cordarrelle Patterson, as Mike Zimmer knows only too well.

Zimmer was asked about Patterson’s up-and-down night after the Vikings’ 26-16 victory over Tampa Bay. And he didn’t sound all that happy (via

"Yeah, he did a nice job, made a nice catch. I wish he wouldn’t have gotten a taunting penalty on second and four, but those are more learning experiences."

No surprise: No-nonsense Mike Zimmer still seems more than a little bemused by Cordarrelle Patterson’s foolishness.

Learning experiences? Patterson has had plenty of those, but he still never seems to get the message.

Learning was what Patterson was supposed to do this offseason with the mentor Mike Zimmer wanted him to meet, but unfortunately Patterson decided not to go along with that plan.

Had Patterson sat down with his mentor, he might understand that getting flagged for taunting over a preseason reception is liable to make you look like an idiot.

Or maybe Cordarrelle Patterson just doesn’t care about looking like an idiot?

But he still had that TD catch. You can’t take that away from him. He did good on that play.

The good and the bad: that’s what you get with Patterson.

Unfortunately, so far there hasn’t been enough good to balance off the bad. And there certainly hasn’t been enough production to justify Rick Spielman’s move to trade draft picks so he could slide up and select Patterson in the first round.

That’s a draft pick Spielman wishes he could have back. And Zimmer wishes it too.

The last thing a man like Zimmer wants to have to deal with is a clown like Patterson. But he’s stuck with the guy for now. That might change after the season.

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