Christian Ponder thinks it will be fun to get booed by Viking fans


Christian Ponder is probably going to get booed when he returns to TCF Bank Stadium Saturday night as a member of the Raiders.

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In typical Ponder fashion, the former Vikings quarterback is acting like this is no big deal (via Bay Area Sports Group):

"Overall, Ponder’s Minnesota tenure ended on a sour note and he expects to hear it a little bit from the fans on Saturday.“Oh, I’m going to get booed,” Ponder said. “I’m trying to figure out, we were talking about it in the quarterback room, what I should do when I get out on the field? Should I take a bow, or what? What’s going to happen? I’m expecting some boos, but it’s all fun though.”"

Christian Ponder has always been good at downplaying things. When he struggled on the field for the Vikings, it was merely a correctable mistake. Something that he and coaches would “get corrected.” Nothing to worry about.

Maybe if he’d stressed a little more about his correctable mistakes, they would have gotten corrected.

I personally wouldn’t bother booing Ponder, a player who wasn’t at all a factor for the Vikings in his final season, and frankly wasn’t much of a factor going back to 2013.

We’ve had almost two years to become fully used to the idea that Ponder represented a waste of a draft pick and waste of a significant investment in time and effort. We should be over it by now.

If people want to boo that’s fine, but I think the better reaction would be silent indifference. The cold shoulder treatment would truly tell Ponder what Viking fans think of him.

It would tell him, “You stopped mattering to us a long time ago. We don’t even care anymore.”

But booing is more fun. Ponder says it’s fun for him too. I don’t think I believe him, but whatever.

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