Adrian Peterson says he’s the LeBron James of the NFL [Video]


Somebody is the LeBron James of the NFL. Jamaal Charles says it’s him. But Adrian Peterson doesn’t agree.

Tonight before lightning delayed the Vikings-Raiders game, sideline reporter Ben Leber asked Peterson the burning question: Who is the LeBron James of the NFL?

Peterson did not hesitate to name himself.

This is going to be even better than the eternal “Who is the best cornerback in the NFL?” debate.

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I can’t wait until Richard Sherman weighs in. I’m surprised he hasn’t done it yet, quite frankly.

Actually I”m not that concerned about who is the LeBron James of the NFL. Who is the Olden Polynice of the NFL? That is the real question.

You can be certain that Twitter has and will continue to have plenty to say about this LeBron thing.

I know what they’ll be talking about on First Take come Monday.

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