Minnesota Vikings vs. Oakland Raiders: 10 things to watch for


The Minnesota Vikings and Oakland Raiders play a preseason football game Saturday night at TCF Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.

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Kickoff is scheduled for 7 PM CT.

Here are ten things to watch for in tonight’s game:

1. Passing

There is sure to be passing in tonight’s preseason football game between the Vikings and Raiders. Everyone loves passing!

2. Cheerleaders

The Vikings have cheerleaders. I’m told they are pretty. I’m sure they will be shown on TV a few times.

3. Adrian Peterson having a dip

The Vikings’ superstar running back won’t actually be in the game but he will be on the sidelines and I’m sure at some point during the game they will catch him having a dip. Watch for the little Gatorade cup!

4. Water falling from the sky

It might rain tonight during the game. Don’t panic, it’s only water from the sky. Happens all the time.

5. Eric Kendricks

The Vikings drafted a linebacker named Eric Kendricks in the second round and we’ve heard he’s good. So you should watch for him tonight when they play and see if he’s actually good. You know, just to confirm it for yourself.

6. Mike Zimmer yelling

Watch and see if you can tell who Mike Zimmer is yelling at. Hint: It’s probably Trae Waynes.

7. Jack Del Rio, Mike Tice and Bill Musgrave

No lie: All three of these guys are employed by the Raiders as coaches. Isn’t that HILARIOUS???

8. Long-snapper battle

Who will be the Vikings’ long-snapper this year? Will it be Cullen Loeffler or the other guy? Or will Mike Morris make a triumphant comeback? Actually, forget it, I don’t give a crap.

9. Cordarelle Patterson

Hey, everybody watch to see if Cordarrelle Patterson does anything, and if he doesn’t do anything then talk about how worthless he is but if he DOES do something then talk about how he could still help the team and you hope he gets it together because you think he’s a great guy and he’s incredibly talented.

10. Christian Ponder

He plays for the Raiders now. I guess.

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