Stefon Diggs saves Cordarrelle Patterson from taking ball in junk [Video]


Something horrible almost happened to Cordarrelle Patterson in practice the other day, but thankfully Stefon Diggs was there to save the day.

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A clip originally linked on Reddit shows exactly what transpired.

Patterson and Diggs were chewing the fat on the sidelines during practice when suddenly a ball came straight for Patterson’s manhood.

Patterson of course was not paying attention. Does Patterson ever pay attention?

At the last second, Diggs reached out and prevented the ball from hitting an oblivious Patterson straight in the junk. The ball still deflected off Patterson’s area though the damage was minimized by Diggs’ quick action.

Is it just me or does this clip perfectly sum up the seeming difference between Patterson and Diggs?

Patterson is just standing there totally out of it, kind of like when he’s waiting for a kickoff in a game.

Stefon Diggs meanwhile is always focused. Always attentive. Always knows exactly what is going on around him.

Patterson is lucky Diggs always has his head in the game or right now Patterson might be dealing with a very severe situation.

Though it’s cool seeing Diggs jump in to help a teammate, part of me thinks he made a big mistake by not letting that particular ball find its target.

Think about it. Patterson is still above Diggs on the depth chart at least going by preseason snaps. What if Diggs lets that ball get through and Patterson suffers a major injury?

For Diggs’ own sake, the best thing might have been letting that ball hit Patterson square. It might have been better for the team too, truth be told.

But Diggs isn’t that kind of guy and that’s good for Patterson, who is still capable of having children thanks to his teammate’s quick reflexes.

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