Cordarrelle Patterson flashes to 107-yard kickoff return TD [Video]


Cordarrelle Patterson needed something good to happen in his football life more than any other Vikings player with the possible exception of Blair Walsh.

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Saturday night, something good finally happened for Patterson.

Against the Cowboys’ struggling special teams, Patterson flashed for a 107-yard kickoff return TD to give the Vikings a 10-7 lead at the time.

Patterson showed it all on this run: The acceleration, the gliding open-field moves, the ability to turn on the jets and run away from the pack.

This is the talent that makes Patterson so exciting.

And knowing he’s capable of doing these things makes it all the more frustrating that he seems incapable of working on his overall game and becoming a true weapon as a wide receiver.

But there are some who will argue that as long as Patterson can give you this kind of explosiveness in the kick return game, it doesn’t matter if he gives you much as a receiver.

That argument doesn’t hold a ton of water when you consider where Patterson was drafted and what Rick Spielman gave up to slide into the first round and get Patterson.

Bottom line: The Vikings invested too much in Patterson for him to end up as a kick returner and sometime gimmick player.

The Vikings had more in mind for Patterson when they drafted him and the fact that he still isn’t developing is frustrating no matter what anyone says.

But for those who are content with the odd kick return touchdown as sufficient return on a first round pick: here you go.

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