Cordarrelle Patterson reportedly unhappy about playing in Titans game


Cordarrelle Patterson gets paid a lot of money to play football, but evidently Patterson doesn’t believe that his salary covers suiting up and playing with mostly scrubs in final preseason games.

Unbelievably, Flash-in-the-Pan reportedly was “unhappy” about having to play Thursday night. He thought he should have been on the sidelines yukking it up with the other starters instead of lining up with the losers battling to make the team.

KFAN sideline reporter Greg Coleman gave the scoop to Paul Allen (via

"COLEMAN: One guy that was not real happy about knowing that he had to play the game was Cordarrelle Patterson.ALLEN: Mmmm. You’re kidding me.COLEMAN: Cordarrelle needs some things on tape. He needs to continue to show coaches what he can do. I still don’t think he’s out of the woods yet."

I guess Patterson figured his big kick return last week was enough to get coaches off his back about this whole “trying harder” thing they keep harping on.

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Apparently Mike Zimmer had different ideas than Mr. Patterson about where Mr. Patterson stands in the current pecking order.

If Zimmer was trying to send Patterson a message by making him play, then Patterson reacted completely the wrong way to receiving that message.

The right reaction is to realize you haven’t done enough to earn a spot on the sidelines with Adrian Peterson, Teddy Bridgewater, Charles Johnson and the other main contributors and take that as a hint that you need to put on your big boy pants and get to work.

Poor Flash-in-the-Pan had to drag his butt out there and run more of those nasty routes he can’t stand having to learn, and had to reach for footballs being thrown at him and stuff.

Did Patterson actually do anything in the game? I saw two passes go his way and he failed to bring in either one. These were not super-accurate passes but they were well within Patterson’s assumed catch radius.

After those drops, where Patterson didn’t seem to give that great an effort, Taylor Heinicke started looking for other people.

Heinicke eventually had a nice game hooking up with guys like Stefon Diggs, Ryan Whalen and MyCole Pruitt. Men who understand their jobs.

When will Cordarrelle grow up and learn to be a professional about all this? When will he get over the sense of entitlement he came into the league with and begin to truly earn his wings as a player?

I’ll tell you when: never. He doesn’t get it and will never get it.

I know they won’t cut Patterson, because of the guaranteed money thing, but I wish they would. I wish they would boot him to the curb and give his job to someone who would appreciate it.

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