Babatunde Aiyegbusi has been let go by the Vikings


Saturday morning the big Polish OT Babatunde Aiyegbusi posted on Facebook that he has been let go by the Minnesota Vikings.

Babs’ post reads (via Facebook):

"My purple dream ends up right here. With the regular season start I’m looking back on great time learning. Learning about the game, learning about the business it self but mostly learning about my self and how to go over your limits.In order to be successful you have to be thankful for what God is blessing you with. I’m thankful for opportunity to become better athlete but most important I thankful for the good people he put on my way.*Thanks to all you guys for supporting me all the time. Love you all.”"

That makes it sound like Babs won’t be back on the practice squad.

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It had been thought by some that the Vikings might seek an exemption to keep Babs as an 11th practice squad member given that he is under contract with a European team and such exemptions are supposedly possible under the rules.

However, when the Lions tried getting a similar exemption for Kickalicious a couple years back, the NFL denied them.

Babs was a nice sideshow for the Vikings, a team that probably felt it needed a feel-good story to boost their PR in the wake of the Adrian Peterson mess, but he was never really a viable prospect.

Then again, there is still a chance he could be signed to the practice squad. We won’t know until the squad is filled out on Sunday after the waiver period ends.

So, chin up Babs fans.

You’ll always have his hilarious Jimmy Kimmel bit to remember him by. At least.

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