Minnesota Vikings: 49ers will suit up in black alternates Monday night


The San Francisco 49ers introduced black alternates before the draft and reportedly the team will waste no time in showing them off to the public, donning the alternates in Monday night’s opener vs. the Minnesota Vikings.

Gotta move those jerseys, baby. Gotta move those jerseys.

The 49ers’ COO explained where the idea for the black alternates came from (via the Sacramento Bee):

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"“After our QBs started wearing black practice jerseys, a number of players told us they’d like to see black jerseys for the entire team,” team COO Al Guido said in a statement in April. “Black has been a primary 49ers accent color for a long time and part of our brand identity since the beginning, so we feel like we’ve honored the team’s history and heritage while creating a modern look that our players and fans will enjoy wearing.”"

This news probably isn’t going to help the Vegas line which has swung all the way from the Niners being favored by 4.5 to the Vikings now being favored by 2.5.

That’s what happens when your offseason turns into a total poopshow. But black alternates will totally distract fans from the fact that the team is terrible now.

Jim Tomsula isn’t a football coach, he’s a sacrificial offering. I almost feel sorry for him.

I’m sure Tomsula has high hopes in spite of his dire situation but I hate to break the news to him: He’ll be 0-1 after Monday night. Jerseys can’t save you, Jim Tomsula.

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