Teddy Bridgewater a top 15 QB according to PFF


When PFF talks, people listen. Today PFF is talking about quarterback rankings and Viking fans will be very happy to listen to what they’re saying. Because they rank Teddy Bridgewater #14 in the NFL (via PFF):

"Despite reports to the contrary, Bridgewater was head and shoulders above the rest of the rookie class last season, and he looked even more comfortable this preseason. Early on, he profiled as similar to Alex Smith, which is actually quite impressive to avoid turnover-worthy plays at the rate in which he did as a rookie. The second half of last season saw him open things up, add some big-time throws to the arsenal, and if that trend continues, Bridgewater may be looking at Tier 2 a year from now."

Bridgewater ranks just below Cam Newton and Joe Flacco and just above Alex Smith, Carson Palmer and Eli Manning. So right there among quarterbacks who are not necessarily top-of-the-league but are certainly good enough to lead a team to the playoffs.

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And honestly I think that’s exactly where Bridgewater should be ranked right now.

Bridgewater has shown a lot in his young career but there is more growing to do. And with Adrian Peterson and Mike Wallace now on-board, I think that development is going to happen fairly quickly.

Give a solid-if-not-great-QB some decent weapons and a good defense and good coaching and you’ve got the recipe for a playoff team provided nothing catastrophic happens injury-wise.

The Vikings seemingly have all those ingredients, now they need to find the right mixture and hope they get a dash of good luck along the way.

Incidentally, PFF does have Bridgewater above both Jay Cutler and Matthew Stafford. So we know where they stand in that “best QBs in the NFC North” debate. They’ve got it nailed.

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