Minnesota Vikings: Check out Kyle Rudolph’s amazing home!


Minnesota Vikings fans know Kyle Rudolph as an athletic tight end who can be a game changer.  However, one look at his home, and you might change the way you look at luxury houses all together.

Recently, Bleacher Report offered a video where a gentleman named Stephen Nelson was invited to tour Minnesota Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph’s home.  And what was inside will put most man caves to shame.  Here is the video:

Rudolph’s home was purchased last August.  It features multiple levels and a massive swimming pool in the backyard.  It houses him, his girlfriend Jordan, and his two dogs.  The 8,052 square foot home cost $2.9 million and resides on 3.5 acres.  Once inside the home, things look very rustic, with hunting trophies and a lot of wood.

The basement of the home offers a pool table, numerous jerseys from friends and teammates as well as autographs on the wall.  Through a door is the movie theater, but this is not like the multiplex in your city.  The reclining padded chairs are connected to the sound of the video, adding to the experience of the film.  However, that room is not only good for watching shows, but also for gaming.

Back upstairs, the Minnesota Vikings tight end showed off accordion style doors which open fully and allow a screen to come down from the top.  This is a great way to keep the house connected with nature and ensure that there is fresh air all around.

Kyle Rudolph’s home is an amazing place that anyone would love to call their own.  You can catch Rudolph when the Minnesota Vikings open the 2015 regular season against the San Francisco 49ers on Monday Night Football on September 14, 2015.

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