Adrian Peterson runs for 14 yards in first half, gets yanked


Adrian Peterson did not deliver the running-angry chip-on-his-shoulder prove-the-haters-wrong first half he was looking for in San Francisco.

14 yards on 4 carries was not what Peterson and the fans envisioned for the Return of AD.

Peterson did provide one sick highlight though, dragging would-be tacklers down the field after a pass reception.

It looked like when we were kids and there was one freakishly huge kid and five guys would jump on him trying to tackle him and he wouldn’t go down.

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Is it possible Peterson injured himself on the play? I ask because he basically vanished from the game after that.

Jerick McKinnon came in for a series and you figured it was just a change-of-pace situation.

But then toward the end of the half the Vikings put in Matt Asiata. And at one point just before halftime TV cameras caught trainer Eric Sugarman having words with Peterson.

I can’t imagine the Vikings would yank Peterson from the game unless he was hurt. The way their offense performed in the first half, they need him out there.

Maybe Peterson got sick of the offensive line opening no holes for him and decided to yank himself.

Hopefully there’s nothing physically wrong with Peterson and he can get back in there at some point tonight. The Vikings are going to need him if they want to grind out a win in this ugly, ugly game.

Update: Peterson returned for the first series of the second half so I guess he’s okay. Maybe he needed a breather in the first.

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