Everson Griffen: ‘We’re gonna beat Detroit’


Everson Griffen is certain that the Vikings will bounce back Sunday and get the win against the Detroit Lions. Very certain.

I wouldn’t exactly call Griffen’s quote a guarantee, though I imagine there are some in the media and pseudo-media who will attempt to characterize it as one.

Let’s call it more an expression of mixed anger and confidence.

Griffen has good reason to be embarrassed and fired up as he was one of the main culprits in Monday night’s defensive meltdown against San Francisco.

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The 49ers ran to Griffen’s side all night and didn’t meet a whole lot of resistance, largely because Griffen spent much of the evening out of position.

Griffen’s lowlight came when Carlos Hyde took advantage of his over-pursuit by dropping one of the sickest spin moves you’re ever going to see and scampering into the end zone for a touchdown.

Griffen’s lack of discipline was frankly a bit alarming. We know Griffen can be an effective player against both the pass and run but he needs to be way more under control.

Griffen’s fired-up attitude on Wednesday indicates that he understands exactly how poorly he and his defensive teammates played. So that’s good.

I hope Griffen is right in his prediction that the Vikings are going to beat Detroit, but words of course aren’t going to get that done.

The Vikings will only beat Detroit if they tighten it up in all phases of the game. Tighten it up a lot.

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