Minnesota Vikings: Stadium workers get misspelled hats


The Minnesota Vikings had a big ceremony at the new stadium Thursday to commemorate a dramatic milestone in the construction: the installation of the highest beam.

The so-called “topping off” ceremony was a big day for stadium workers who’ve toiled so hard over the past couple years and the team wanted to do something special to show their appreciation.

Unfortunately the team’s means of expressing their gratitude to the workers turned into a slight embarrassment.

The gifts were thoughtful enough – knit caps with the name of the team on them – but unfortunately the word “Minnesota” was misspelled on the hats.

“Minesota” Vikings? And nobody noticed until the hats were handed out? Quality control issues.

Let’s hope the workers building the stadium are doing a better job than the people who made those hats. Otherwise there could be some problems.

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Well at least they spelled “Vikings” correctly. They got one out of two words right. That’s a solid 50%…the same as Blair Walsh’s field goal percentage last week.

As indicated in the above tweet, the Vikings plan on making things right by handing out correctly spelled hats.

I don’t know though. If I were a worker, I think I’d rather have one of the misspelled hats. Those are collectors’ items. Wait a few years and sell those bad boys on eBay.


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