Minnesota Vikings fan beatdown results in 4 arrests


By now, it’s likely that you’ve seen the beatdown that happened to a man in a Minnesota Vikings jersey following the team’s loss on Monday Night Football to the San Francisco 49ers.  The assault was caught on video by a bystander and uploaded to the internet, which then made its rounds, including our own Twitter account.

If, by some chance, you haven’t seen the video, here it is from the YouTube account of Austin Lopez.

***WARNING: This video does show real violence***

Thanks to that video, the police were able to track down the individuals responsible for this tasteless show of physical aggression towards the man in the Minnesota Vikings jersey.  The investigation led to the arrest of four individuals, including one minor who was issued a citation and released into her parents’ custody.

Here is the video of that news clip from the ABC 7 News Santa Clara website:

The ABC 7 site then went on to reveal the names of the three individuals responsible for this matter, but could not release the name of the minor who was involved in the incident.

"“On Thursday night, detectives arrested 32-year-old Hollister resident Felix Chavira, 33-year-old Hollister resident Juan Arias, 30-year-old San Jose resident Eric Martinez. Two of the men posted bail, but one did not.”"

Violence has become a major problem of the San Francisco 49ers.  There have been 24 incidents of assault that police had to be involved with since the team moved to Levi’s Stadium for the 2014 season.  Personally, it’s a shame that people who are hoping to enjoy a football game have to worry about their own personal well-being when attending a game, but that seems to be a major risk these days.

I’m just glad that those responsible for this act were caught on tape and arrested.  Hopefully, this will help to discourage fans from acting in this manner in the future.

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