Minnesota Vikings have edge on Lions in health department


Monday night may have been a disaster for the Minnesota Vikings but believe it or not one thing did go right for the team in San Francisco.

It may have seemed like small consolation at the time but at least the Vikings got out of Levi’s Stadium relatively healthy.

You have to take your victories where you can get them.

Look at the latest injury report and you can see how lucky the Vikings were to escape San Francisco with only bruised egos.

The Vikings on Friday listed only two players on their report: DT Shamar Stephen and RB Jerick McKinnon. Both players are probable for Sunday.

Now look at the Detroit injury report. It’s a mess (via NFL.com).

Fun fact: Matthew Stafford’s actual first name is John and Matthew is his middle name.

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Why did the NFL.com injury report decide to list him as John instead of Matthew? You’d have to ask them.

Rest assured, John Matthew Stafford is still commonly referred to as Matthew or Matt. And Matthew is going to be on the field Sunday though his arm may not be 100%.

I don’t care if Matt Stafford’s arm is only feeling 50%, he’s still going to sling the ball around. How effective he’ll be is another question.

The big issue for Detroit though is LB DeAndre Levy, who missed the Lions’ opener vs. San Diego and is looking very doubtful for Sunday.

Detroit felt Levy’s absence against the Chargers especially in pass coverage. With Levy out, Philip Rivers was able to make hay on short passes with his receivers racking up big-time YAC.

Could Sunday be a big day for Jarius Wright out of the slot? Maybe.

Another key player for Detroit, Etuini Haloti Ngata, is listed as questionable which puts his chance of playing at 50%.

Ngata is the man Detroit acquired to replace Ndamukong Suh and if he’s not 100%, then that’s a real break for the Vikings’ shaky offensive line.

Of course the issue last week wasn’t necessarily blocking defensive linemen, it was picking up blitzers.

If the Lions learned anything from the San Francisco game it’s that they should test the middle of the Vikings’ line by bringing extra pressure.

If the Vikings learned anything from the Lions’ second half meltdown against San Diego it’s that an accurate short-range passer can shred the Lions’ defense.

This game could end up looking like last year’s game against the Falcons, assuming the Vikings can block.

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