Brandon Fusco sits out practice with concussion


The Minnesota Vikings offensive line could be dealing with another lost starter after left guard Brandon Fusco was forced to sit out Wednesday’s practice with a concussion.

Recently-acquired lineman Jeremiah Sirles took over Fusco’s reps at left guard and would be the starter if Fusco is unable to go on Sunday against San Diego.

Fusco started and finished last weekend’s game vs. Detroit and there was no inkling after the Vikings’ victory that anything was amiss with him.

However, Fusco did briefly go down during the game after what may have been a helmet-to-helmet hit with a Detroit player.

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The play in question happened at the end of the third quarter. There’s no clear look at it on the Fox TV footage but you can see Fusco make contact with a Detroit player while pull blocking for Adrian Peterson. After the play Fusco walks a few steps then goes to the turf.

A Detroit player can be seen waving toward the Vikings bench to give Fusco assistance.

Fusco immediately gets back up and returns to the huddle, and would stay in for the rest of the game.

Again, I have no idea if Fusco was injured on this play but, possible helmet-to-helmet contact plus stagger plus brief fall to the turf. You be the judge.

If Fusco did indeed suffer a concussion on this play it was totally missed not only by the Vikings’ medical staff but by the in-booth doctor who is supposed to be on the lookout for players who may have suffered head injuries.

We’ll see if the Vikings give any details about Fusco’s issue. The player refused to talk to reporters about the situation on Wednesday.

Needless to say, the loss of Fusco would be a big blow to a Vikings offensive line that is already missing starters Phil Loadholt and John Sullivan.

The loss of Sullivan really seemed to hurt Minnesota week 1 against San Francisco, less so against Detroit however.

Fusco himself had a bad game week 1 but bounced back and played well against Detroit, helping lead the Vikings to a big win.

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