Mike Zimmer wanted Gerald Hodges traded (Report)


Mike Zimmer was the driving force behind the recent decision to trade linebacker Gerald Hodges, says Patrick Reusse of 1500ESPN.

In a series of tweets posted Wednesday and Thursday, Reusse gave a brief breakdown of why Zimmer went to GM Rick Spielman and requested that Hodges be moved on.

According to Reusse, Zimmer had become fed-up with Hodges’ mistake-prone ways and was at the point where he just wanted Hodges off the team and didn’t care what the Vikings received in return.

Spielman was able to swing a trade with the San Francisco 49ers to acquire C Nick Easton and a sixth-round draft pick.

But according to Reusse, the fact that Minnesota was even able to get a potentially useful player in return for Hodges was beside the point for Zimmer.

Clearly, Zimmer never truly had any desire to play Hodges as the starting MLB but was forced to use him in that role while rookie Eric Kendricks learned the defense.

Four weeks into the season, Zimmer decided it was time to move Hodges out of the starting spot and move Kendricks in.

And just benching Hodges apparently wasn’t enough for Zimmer.

It makes you wonder what other players Zimmer would get rid of if he had his way.

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