Minnesota Vikings: The seriousness of Donut Club


Back in 2008, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Gus Frerotte unknowingly started a tradition.  As a token of appreciation for his team, he would bring in donuts for everyone when the team would meet up on Saturday mornings to discuss the game plan for the next day’s game.

Since then, the Minnesota Vikings Donut Club has evolved quite a bit.  There are now several rules that govern the group, but many of them as are secretive as the conditions involved in the hit book and movie “Fight Club”.  However, the folks over at Sports Illustrated’s Monday Morning Quarterback helped fill us in on the rules as we know them.

Here is what we know to this point:

  1. Trainer Eric Sugarman brings the donuts, but the players pay for them.  Each week during the regular season, the team rotates on players who will buy three dozen donuts for the team.  There is some irony in the fact that the guy who brings them is named Sugarman.
  2. Donut Club starts at 7:50 ON THE DOT.  There was only ever one player who was allowed to be late for Minnesota Vikings Donut Club, and that was defensive end Jared Allen.  If you want a donut, you must arrive on time and participate in the club activities.
  3. Don’t touch or eat any donuts before Donut Club begins.  Nobody wants their donuts touched all over.  However, it is okay to make a visual plan of which donut you want and be ready for when Donut Club officially starts.  Violations will result in suspension from the club.
  4. If you take the donut, eat the donut.  It is considered a major penalty and is frowned upon to take a donut and not finish it.  Chad Greenway is a big enforcer of this rule, and is ready to call out any of the individuals who don’t finish their donut by calling them “super weak”.
  5. Membership is based on attendance.  You’re considered a part of Minnesota Vikings Donut Club if you attend three weeks in a row.  Since the meeting is so early and players aren’t required by the team to be in attendance, coming to Donut Club is completely voluntary.
  6. Represent during Donut Club.  Starting this year, Minnesota Vikings Donut Club has t-shirts.  This has spawned a huge demand for these shirts from fans and former players, including Jared Allen, who was sharing the donut tradition with his teammates in Chicago.
  7. Donut Club is for life.  Once you’re a member, you’re always a member.  Even if you retire or move on to a different team, you’ll always be a part of Minnesota Vikings Donut Club.  However, rookies and new Vikings aren’t told the rules regarding the club and must learn by making mistakes.

You can’t argue with the results.  To show how happy this makes so many players, here is a tweet from Minnesota Vikings trainer Eric Sugarman from a recent meeting of the Donut Club:

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