Teddy Bridgewater sings, eats a banana (Video)


Teddy Bridgewater was wired for sound during this weekend’s Vikings-Chiefs game and the results were simply amazing.

The whole thing is available at Vikings.com and I advise you to check it out. Go there now and watch it. Seriously, you won’t be disappointed.

One snippet in particular is very amusing. It involves Teddy and a banana. Don’t worry, it’s nothing dirty.

Teddy Bridgewater in full uniform walking down a hallway singing a song and eating a banana is way more entertaining than you would think.

I don’t know why but when he says “Thank you” I start to laugh hysterically.

No Teddy Bridgewater, thank YOU.

If it seems like Bridgewater is in his own little world a lot of the time…well, it’s because Bridgewater clearly is in his own little world a lot of the time. And I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing.

Don’t let the fact that Bridgewater played kind of lousy against the Chiefs detract from your enjoyment of this clip of him singing. It’s gold either way.

Is Teddy Bridgewater a good singer? Not really. But sometimes it’s not the voice that matters, it’s the entertainment value.

The entertainment value here is high. Very high.

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