Mike Zimmer needs to control his emotions, says Jeff Fisher


Mike Zimmer ripped Gregg Williams and the Rams for dirty play in Sunday’s game. He ripped them immediately after the game, then doubled-down hours later in an interview with Peter King.

In his Monday press conference Zimmer tried to put the subject behind him but tellingly did not retract his remarks about the way the Rams went about their business on Sunday.

Rams coach Jeff Fisher had a few things to say about the situation as well. In his own Monday press conference, Fisher basically told Mike Zimmer to get over it (via PFT):

"“I think a good a lesson to be learned from this is control your emotions immediately after the game and go back and look at the tape before you jump to conclusions,” Fisher told reporters on Monday.“Mike’s and my handshake was very short,” Fisher added. “He didn’t say a word. I went out to congratulate him. I was going to ask him how his quarterback was and congratulate him on the win, and he was gone.“I understand that, but you also need to control your emotions after a game and go look at the tape and then adjust accordingly.”"

The fact that Zimmer was still clearly steamed about the Rams’ approach a day after the game shows his assessment was not merely a heat-of-the-moment thing. He looked at the tape and was still ticked off.

Maybe Jeff Fisher is the one who needs to look at the tape. And when he’s done looking at that tape, maybe he should look in the mirror and think hard about the kind of coach he is.

If Fisher wants to play dirty and have a DC who plays even dirtier, that’s fine with me.

But if Fisher insists on going about his business that way, he can’t get upset when coaches like Zimmer call him out.