NFL Draft could come to Minnesota, says Roger Goodell


The NFL Draft may soon be coming to Minnesota according to commissioner Roger Goodell.

Have you ever dreamed of dressing up in all your wacky Vikings gear and attending the NFL Draft?

At one time you would have had to travel all the way to New York to make your dream come true. In recent years you only had to go to Chicago.

But in the near future you might not even have to go as far as the Windy City to see the draft. According to commissioner Roger Goodell, Minnesota has a chance to host a draft.

The construction of the new Vikings stadium has already led to Minnesota landing a Super Bowl in 2018. Landing the draft would be one more nice reward for football fans in Minnesota who supported the stadium.

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Of course the Vikings themselves won’t have any high draft picks for awhile, given that they are now poised to be a perennial Super Bowl contender.

But maybe Rick Spielman can swing a trade and move up into the high first round so fans have something to get excited about.

It’s kind of hard to get excited about a No. 30 overall draft pick.

You have to hand it Goodell: He knows how to hand out the goodies to cities that cave in and allow public financing of new stadiums.

If you build it, Goodell will come with the perks.