Minnesota Vikings vs Seattle Seahawks: 5 keys to victory


With the Seattle Seahawks coming to town, the Minnesota Vikings will face a tough challenge against a likely playoff team. Here is how they can win the game.

The Minnesota Vikings are currently sitting on top of the NFC North with only a one game lead over the Green Bay Packers. With a 8-3 record, the team looks to be a playoff contender, but instead find themselves in a group of tough games that seem like must-win situations in order to keep competitive.

This week, the Seattle Seahawks are the team hoping to spoil the Vikings playoff hopes. They’re a team that is similar to Minnesota, with a strong run game and tough defense as their two best qualities. While this game will be a challenge, it won’t be impossible.

Here are five things that the Minnesota Vikings must do to beat the Seahawks at TCF Bank Stadium on Sunday:

  • Help T.J. Clemmings.  Normally, I lump together all of the offensive line and say they need to play well. I can’t do that this week. The rookie offensive tackle will have his hands full with Seahawks defensive end Cliff Avril. While I’d love to think that Clemmings could step up to the occasion, the Minnesota Vikings had better plan to get him help on Sunday.
  • Take away the run. Not only does that include breakout player Thomas Rawls, but it also means that the team will have to keep tabs on quarterback Russell Wilson, who can be a danger to tuck the ball and run on any occasion. Forcing Wilson to throw may be the best strategy for the Vikings, who currently rank #4 against the pass.
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    Find a way to get going on the ground.

    I know I said that last week against the #1 run defense of the Falcons, but the Seattle Seahawks currently rank #5 against the run, but the Vikings lead the NFL in rushing offense with 146.4 rushing yards per game. One thing I’ve learned is to never count

    Adrian Peterson

    out when facing a stout group of defenders.

  • Spread the ball around in the passing game. This isn’t something that quarterback Teddy Bridgewater has much of a problem with, but it’s going to be tough to get the ball to Stefon Diggs with Richard Sherman keeping an eye on him. Teddy needs to complete a high percentage of his passes and not turn the ball over to help the Minnesota Vikings on offense.
  • Don’t sleep on Seattle’s pass catchers.  While their players don’t get the kind of media attention that some of the more elite wide receivers and tight ends get, guys like Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse are reliable players, with Luke Wilson being a sneaky option with Jimmy Graham on injured reserve.
  • Do you agree with my five keys to success? Have any that you would like to add? Discuss them in the comments below and be sure to let us know what you think the Minnesota Vikings can do to get their 9th win of the season on Sunday, December 6, 2015.