Minnesota Vikings robbed on bad call against Brian Robison


Minnesota Vikings DE Brian Robison was victimized by a laughably awful unnecessary roughness penalty.

The NFL has seen its share of terrible officiating this year and I’m sorry to say things only seem to be getting worse.

One call in today’s Vikings-Seahawks game absolutely defied explanation.

With Seattle driving deep into Vikings’ territory, Brian Robison appeared to make a huge first down sack on Russell Wilson to put the Seahawks in second-and-long.

However, Robison had the sack taken away and the Seahawks were given an automatic first down when the officials called Robison for unnecessary roughness.

Watching the play unfold live, it was impossible to see what exactly Robison could have done to get flagged.

Upon review…to be quite honest, it was still pretty much impossible to see what he did wrong.

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Evidently, Robison was flagged because after sacking Wilson, the QB tried to get back up and continue running and Robison gave him a little extra tug to keep him from getting away.

The notable thing about the play was that Wilson clearly thought he was not down, and Robison evidently thought the same thing.

Both Wilson and Robison kept on playing. In fact, Wilson carried through by getting up and running into the end zone.

Point being, Robison did nothing to Wilson except react as though he wasn’t sure the play was over.

And for some reason the official thought this warranted a flag.

We’ve seen some instances in recent weeks of officials going overboard protecting QBs but this was just absurd.

After the Seahawks scored their inevitable TD to go up 14-0, Mike Zimmer could be seen grilling the officials for an explanation.

That must have been a very interesting conversation.

Zimmer has said he won’t criticize the officials in public anymore, because he doesn’t want to get any phone calls from the league, but he’s going to have a hard time holding his tongue on this one I have a feeling.

Just brutal.