Adrian Peterson unhappy with Norv Turner again


Adrian Peterson once again made public remarks questioning the playcalling of Vikings offensive coordinator Norv Turner.

The Vikings’ offense was brutal on Sunday against the Seahawks, producing only 125 total yards in a 38-7 loss.

Running back Adrian Peterson only had eight carries for 18 yards and after the game he openly questioned Norv Turner’s playcalling (via ESPN):

"“As one of the leaders on the team, seeing how the running game has been all season, you definitely want to be able to go out and establish the run and let things feed off of that,” he said. “To finish with eight carries, it’s tough. I feel like we’re able to sit back, evaluate some things again and get back to what we do.”"

Peterson made similar public remarks two weeks ago after the Packers held him to just 45 yards on 13 attempts. ESPN reports that Peterson made his concerns known to his coaches in private as well.

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Sandwiched between the Green Bay and Seattle debacles was a game against Atlanta in which Peterson ran for 158 yards on 29 carries.

The Vikings fell behind Seattle early and basically abandoned the running game. Putting the ball in Teddy Bridgewater‘s hands hardly resulted in the comeback the Vikings were hoping for.

The Vikings were down 14-0 when Turner pulled Peterson off the field and went to the aerial game with Jerick McKinnon in at running back.

Bridgewater responded by throwing an interception to Earl Thomas that for all intents-and-purposes ended the game.

After the pick Bridgewater seemed to become even more cautious and tentative than usual. Lack of pass protection did not help matters.

Had Adrian Peterson been in charge, the Vikings would have stuck with the ground game even after falling behind by several touchdowns.

Would running the ball have allowed the Vikes to creep back into the game? Maybe, maybe not.

But putting the ball in Teddy Bridgewater’s hands, behind a very shaky offensive line, clearly was not the answer.

Giving the ball to Bridgewater and asking him to mount a comeback only resulted in the young QB getting beaten up physically and mentally.

Peterson may sound a little pouty and selfish after calling out Turner again, but it’s also possible that he has a point.