Cordarrelle Patterson houses kickoff, annoyingly celebrates (Video)


Cordarrelle Patterson flashed his great talent by housing a kickoff against the Seahawks then showed his great lack of awareness by celebrating even though the Vikings were 28 points down.

This one play pretty much sums up Cordarrelle Patterson.

The Vikings had just gone down 35-0 to the Seahawks when Patterson lined up in the end zone to receive the kickoff.

Patterson brought the ball out, found a seam in the Seahawks’ kick coverage and turned on the jets.

In a flash, Patterson was through the coverage and in the open field. At that point it was all over.

Now the bad part: Despite his team being 35 points down, Patterson decided it would be a good idea to start high-stepping at the 30 yard line.

After scoring the touchdown to cut the deficit to 35-6 (pending extra point), Patterson figured he’d jump into the stands and receive some love from the fans.

That’s the kind of stuff Mike Zimmer is all about. Celebrating like crazy when you’re down 35-7.

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And that sequence encapsulates everything that is right and everything that is wrong with Patterson. Great talent; no clue.

When will Patterson ever get it? Why is anyone still asking that question? Clearly, he will never get it.

Complaining about this after all that went wrong for Minnesota seems kind of silly I guess, but still, I can’t help feeling annoyed by the display Patterson put on.

If you’re celebrating like that with your team down 35-7, you clearly don’t give a crap about your team.

I can’t see any way Patterson is still with the Vikings next year. Mike Zimmer has to be fed up with this guy.

Rick Spielman has clearly been defending Patterson internally up to this point but even Spielman can’t still be on his side after that ridiculous no-brain display against Seattle.