Ragnar tries to steal Vikings’ thunder, fails miserably (Video)


Ragnar was once a big part of the Vikings experience but these days he’s just a sad dope attempting to troll the team on the eve of a big game.

You may possibly recall the sad saga of Joseph Juranitch, the man who used to play the character “Ragnar” at Minnesota Vikings home games?

Maybe you remember the controversy that unfolded between Juranitch and the Vikings early this season after the Vikes told “Ragnar” his services were no longer required.

Possibly you have a faint recollection of Juranitch becoming upset because the Vikings refused to bow to his contract demands which reportedly included a pay-hike from $1500-per-game all the way up to $20,000.

It all seems kind of hazy now but there was a time when a small portion of Vikings Nation actually gave a crap whether Juranitch ever suited up as Ragnar again.

And then a funny thing happened: the Vikings became good.

Former unofficial mascot Juranitch had to sit at home watching while the Vikings put together a 10-5 season, placing themselves in position to win the NFC North division title with a victory over the Packers in Green Bay.

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I wouldn’t presume to guess what goes on in Joe Juranitch’s mind (scary) but I’m thinking he probably felt a little left-out watching the team he used to cheerlead for in a stupid costume go 10-5 with no “help” from him?

Oh yeah, and the money.

The whole “Ragnar” controversy seems like yesterday’s news to me, but it’s apparently still a big deal to Joe Juranitch, who implied in a new video that he has switched allegiances from the Vikings to the Packers.

"Vikings (former) mascot Ragnar has choice words for @Packers fans… @RandyMoss reacts https://t.co/0elQZoUzC3— FOX Sports: NFL (@NFLonFOX) January 3, 2016"

The Vikings are definitely going to lose tonight and when they do, people will know that it was because Joe Juranitch put a curse on them.

Don’t mess with Joe Juranitch, I guess?