Minnesota Vikings give Ragnar the heave-ho


For years the wild-haired, motorcycle-riding mascot Ragnar has been a fixture at Minnesota Vikings home games, but crazy Ragnar’s run appears to have come to an end.

Yesterday fans at the game noticed that Ragnar, real name Joseph Juranitch, was not out there at TCF revving his bike, dancing with cheerleaders and basically acting like a maniac.

Where was Ragnar? Sleeping it off after a long night of swilling ale, sacking villages and having his way with multiple fertile women?

No. Turns out Ragnar was at home watching the game on TV. Apparently the Vikings let Ragnar know that he is no longer welcome at their games.

Ragnar posted this on Facebook:

So that’s it? Ragnar is done after all these years? No explanation or anything from the team?

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I guess the Vikings just hoped nobody would notice. Way to treat a guy who was a great ambassador for the team and a fan favorite for all these years.

I don’t know what was behind the decision to get rid of Ragnar but I can guess.

I bet somebody with the organization decided that a big guy dressed in furs with huge comical horns on his head might be interpreted as an offensive stereotype and they decided to get out ahead of it and give him the boot.

I bet the PC police got Ragnar.

If that’s truly the reason for Ragnar’s ouster, then what does that mean for the Norseman logo? Isn’t that also technically offensive the same way the Redskins logo is offensive?

Isn’t the name “Vikings” also arguably offensive?

And while we’re on the subject of offending people with in-stadium entertainment: I know a lot of women are offended by cheerleaders. Do we get rid of cheerleaders now for fear of angering feminists?

I’m sure there will be some backlash against the Vikings over this move. We’ll see if they offer any explanation or try to sweep it under the rug.

Don’t despair Ragnar. You’re not the first person to be treated like crap by the Vikings. Antoine Winfield feels your pain.

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