Minnesota Vikings: Five memorable Wild Card playoff games

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3. January 3, 1988 Vikings at Saints

The Vikings barely squeaked into the playoffs in 1987 and were supposed to be a tomato can for the New Orleans Saints in the Wild Card round.

But the Vikings not only went into New Orleans and beat they Saints, they crushed the Saints.

The Vikes went down 7-0 early but then ran off 24 straight points, including a touchdown on an 82-yard punt return by Anthony Carter.

The Saints managed another field goal and then the Vikings poured on 20 more points to make the final score 44-10.

Anthony Carter and Darrin Nelson were just more than the Saints could handle that day.

The Vikings kept their roll going the next week by walking into San Francisco and stunning the Super Bowl favorite 49ers.

Unfortunately the party ended in the NFC title game against the Redskins.

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