Teddy Bridgewater: Most accurate passer of the 2015 NFL season


Recently, a reputable sports news source declared that Minnesota Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater was the most accurate passer during the 2015 season.

Teddy Bridgewater got a lot of criticism over the course of the 2015 season. He had a roller coaster of a season, with some great games and some disappointing performances. However, during the course of his 16 game season, he had an overall better year than during his rookie year.

One thing that fans of Bridgewater like to praise is his accuracy. From short to mid range, he was a completion machine, helping to move the chains give the offense more opportunities.

Recently Pro Football Focus released an article titled “5 crazy good stats from the 2015 NFL season” that included some interesting statistics including information about Jason Witten’s soft hands and Luke Kuechly’s passer rating, but perhaps the most notable topic was “Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater was the most accurate passer this season.

When taking into account dropped passes and plays where the ball was thrown away, Bridgewater was the best quarterback in the NFL when it came to getting the ball into his receivers’ hands.

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"“What the traditional stats don’t show, however, is just how accurate Bridgewater is. The Viking led the NFL in 2015 with an accuracy percentage of 79.3. While this number is inflated by the large amount of short throws required by the Minnesota offense, it is no small feat to be the most accurate in the league. In fact, Teddy scored his best passing grades on throws between 10–19 yards, and broke even on throws over 20 yards.You have to wonder if Bridgewater’s modest touchdown and yardage totals are more a product of the Vikings’ offensive style, rather than an indictment of the QB’s abilities.”"

There is little doubt that Bridgewater does have a lot to work on this offseason. There is talk of him working on his throwing motion and he needs to be able to connect on more deep passes, but for now it appears as though the short-to-mid range passing game is the former University of Louisville quarterback’s bread and butter.

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Teddy Bridgewater and the Minnesota Vikings will look to improve on their 2015 season when they were the NFC North champions and the #3 seed in the NFC. Up next on the Vikings checklist is a playoff win under tough-nosed head coach Mike Zimmer.