Minnesota Vikings to hold Polaris-Vikings Winter Fest


The Minnesota Vikings will host the inaugural Polaris-Vikings Winter Fest this February with plenty of events and prizes available for participants.

The Minnesota Vikings do some wonderful things for the community. Many times, those activities are limited to the Minneapolis area, but the upcoming Polaris-Vikings Winter Fest will be available for fans who will be in Duluth, Minnesota.

Partnering with U.S. Bank founding parting Polaris, there will be an inaugural event called the Polaris-Vikings Winter Fest beginning February 19th and ending on the 21st. Thanks to their partnership, there will be Polaris vehicles everywhere at the event, as well as demos and exhibits.

There will also be interaction with former and current Vikings players as well as members of the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders, but the most important thing about the event is that proceeds will go to the Vikings Children’s Fund. Team president and owner Mark Wilf is especially proud of the event, as he stated in an article on the official Minnesota Vikings website.

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"“We take great pride at the Minnesota Vikings in being able to give back to our community while focusing on the children of the Upper Midwest. From an open training camp to these philanthropic events across the state, our goal is to connect our team with as many fans as possible throughout Minnesota.”"

Wilf isn’t the only one excited by the event. Visit Duluth president and CEO Anna Tanski sees the great things that can come from it.

"“We’re thrilled to host the Polaris-Vikings Winter Fest in February. This type of family-focused event is a benefit for locals in addition to showcasing Duluth to fans from across the region. Most importantly, it raises funds for such an important purpose.”"

If you are a Minnesota Vikings fan and will be in the Duluth, Minnesota area during the weekend of February 19th, checking out the Polaris-Vikings Winter Fest should be high on your list of events to attend.

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With this partnership between the team and Polaris benefiting the Vikings Children’s Fund, fans should do what they can to attend this great event in February. For more information on registration for the event, visit Vikings.com.