Minnesota Vikings in Bad Lip Reading: NFL 2016 Part 2


The second part of Bad Lip Reading’s 2016 NFL series was released, and Minnesota Vikings stars Adrian Peterson, Mike Zimmer and Harrison Smith were featured.

Bad Lip Reading is a fantastic YouTube account. They  take items from movies, television, sports and other mediums, remove the audio, and add their own commentary to match how the people’s mouths move.

Yesterday, the second installment of “NFL 2016” was released by Bad Lip Reading, and this one has quite a few Minnesota Vikings included in it.

Here is the video from the official Bad Lip Reading website:

The first appearance of a Minnesota Vikings player happens around the 24-second mark. Adrian Peterson is being interviewed on the sideline and the dubbed voice has him talking about the reporter’s breath. In fact, the odor of the breath is likened to the smell of a dead rodent, specifically a “dead rabbit or something.”

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Up next, at 36 seconds, Harrison Smith is being interviewed. The dubbed voice asks him what he thought of the baby he was shown. The video has Smith replying with saying it is a “nice baby” with “not a lot of fat” and a kind of lame face, concluding that they’re all kind of the same.

Adrian Peterson shows up again at 1:58, when he explains that he had to crack a gigantic tree nut.

Even Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer gets some love from Bad Lip Reading around 2:21, reminding his players that they have to “stir the bowl.” And then quietly repeating that they definitely need to stir the bowl.

Then, at the 3:40 mark, Mike Zimmer is featured again for what might be the most entertaining clip of the entire video. This time, he’s questioning why the referee has to blow the whistle so many times right in his face. Then, the ref continues to blow the whistle for a little bit, before telling Zimmer to have a nice day.

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For more videos from Bad Lip Reading, be sure to check out their YouTube account, where they take on many popular subjects including Star Wars, The Walking Dead, political debates and much, much more.