Minnesota Vikings fans sought for bad guys in Packers movie


Fans of the Minnesota Vikings will be used as “bad guys” in an upcoming independent romantic comedy ‘The 60-Yard Line’ featured around the Green Bay Packers.

The Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers have a long-standing rivalry. Being in the same division, the two teams butt heads at least twice a year and fight for the division championship as well as pride. However, a new film might put the two fan bases head to head for at least one big scene.

Titled “The 60-Yard Line”, the upcoming romantic comedy will star actress Mindy Sterling and feature cameos by current Packers John Kuhn and Mark Tauscher as well as retired stars Ahman Green and Michael Montgomery. But the true reason behind the need for Vikings fans involves a quarterback who played for both teams: Brett Favre.

The film is set during the year where the star quarterback signed with the Minnesota Vikings and the film crew is looking for fans to be in their movie to interact with the main characters at a house party. Ryan Churchill, the co-writer and co-producer, wants to use Vikings fans as ‘bad guy’ in the flick. Here is that statement from the KARE11 Website:

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"“Every good movie has bad guys, so we’re looking for Vikings fans. We know that it’s a big ask. We know that it may not go over well. But we have to have a little bit of a bad guy scene.”"

Although there is the concern that the film could make fans of the Minnesota Vikings look rude or ignorant, fans hoping to be in the movie shouldn’t worry. Churchill explained that the actors hired to be the “bad guy” fans won’t be harmed and will be shown in a good light.

"“There’s never a beef. It’s always like, ‘Hey, Vikings guys, come on in!’’’ he said. “So no, no bodily harm. We’re going to show them in a good light.”"

While Minnesota Vikings fans may hesitate to be in a romantic comedy centered around the Green Bay Packers, “The 60-Yard Line” could be a fun movie with a great cameo from some familiar faces, as they are currently looking for people to play the part of Vikings fans in the movie.

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Individuals who are interested in being part of “The 60-Yard Line” should contact the filmmakers at The60YardLineMovie@yahoo.com. This could be a unique opportunity for some Vikings fans to show their love of the team in a feature film.