Minnesota Vikings 2016 single game tickets available on Ebay


Although the dates have not been announced, individual tickets are already available for sale on Ebay for Minnesota Vikings 2016 regular season games.

Fans willing to take a gamble on dates for the 2016 NFL season can pick up tickets for the Minnesota Vikings 2016 NFL regular season games. However, there are some restrictions and situations that could cause their purchase to be void.

According to the Star Tribune website, tickets from individuals who have reserved seats in U.S. Bank Stadium through the Stadium Builder’s Licenses have started popping up on online auction website Ebay. You can buy tickets for home games against specific opponents, but there is no way of currently knowing when that game will be played.

Currently listed on Ebay are 36 listings, with prices ranging starting at $150 per ticket for the game against the Houston Texans. Of course, fans looking to reserve a seat can always get their own Stadium Builder’s License on the Minnesota Vikings website, but single game tickets are still not available for official purchase.

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Of course, there are some stipulations. You can get a refund if the tickets that you buy are for a holiday, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s weekend if you buy the tickets mentioned above against the Houston Texans.

Also, fans hoping to gamble on which game will be the home opener for the new stadium may want to take a gamble on one of these tickets. The home opener will be the Minnesota Vikings first regular season game in U.S. Bank Stadium and will be worth a premium price when they hit resale markets later this year.

Fans of the Minnesota Vikings will want to see their new home at U.S. Bank Stadium. While this is the first opportunity for many fans to get tickets to see the team play a home game, there could be benefits to waiting to see the schedule when it is released, as specific games might be available at a lower cost in the future.