Randy Moss: Five times he was a great entertainer (Video)

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4. The spontaneous press conference

Everything about Randy Moss’ 2010 return to the Vikings was bizarre.

It was bizarre that Brad Childress would think he could save the Vikings’ season by trading a third round pick to the Patriots for the over-the-hill Moss.

It was bizarre seeing Moss making a Love Boat joke during his re-introductory press conference.

It was bizarre seeing Brett Favre and Randy Moss on the field together.

It was bizarre hearing about Moss’ locker room incident involving catered food from local restaurateur Gus Tinucci, food Moss infamously said he wouldn’t feed to his dog.

It was bizarre seeing Moss come out after the Vikings played his old team the Patriots, though he wasn’t actually scheduled to have a press conference after that particular game, and basically slam Brad Childress in front of everyone.

It was bizarre when Moss got cut shortly after this press conference.

What wasn’t bizarre? That Childress himself got fired a short time later. That was the one thing that didn’t seem weird at all.

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