Minnesota Vikings HC Zimmer wants to start grinding again


The 2015 NFL season might be over, but Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer is ready to ‘start grinding again’ and make the 2016 season a success.

There is something special with Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer. Even though it is the offseason, the football mind in charge of developing the team’s talent has a brain that never stops thinking about how to improve the team.

Improving the team will be a challenge, as the Vikings won their division during the 2015 NFL season and hosted a game in the playoffs. However, that won’t stop Zimmer from working hard to take Minnesota to the next level and make the team a regular contender.

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In a recent article on Vikings.com, Mike Zimmer spoke about his mindset going forward and what he noticed about his players following the playoff loss:

"“I think the biggest thing for me, the thing I’ve noticed about this season so far, after we lost to Seattle in the playoff game, I feel more determined,” Zimmer said in a recent interview with Vikings.com’s Mike Wobschall. “We almost had a taste of it. I want to get back. I want to start grinding again.”"

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Of course, the Minnesota Vikings can only be as good as the product that they put on the field. For that, the team needs to put together the best possible players they can. Zimmer thinks that the team has a pretty solid assortment of players to build off.

However, the hard-nosed head coach never wants to be content, and has a theory about how being happy with where you are can be a bad thing.

"“I feel good about the nucleus of our football team, but what we did a year ago really doesn’t matter,” Zimmer continued. “I’ve got a new saying this year, that ‘Good is the enemy of great,’ so that’s kind of going to be my mindset with the team.”"

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The Minnesota Vikings will have a chance to make a name for themselves in their new home, U.S. Bank Stadium for the 2016 NFL season. And with head coach Mike Zimmer at the helm, it appears as though the team finally has a ship that is moving in the right direction.