Minnesota Vikings HC Zimmer: ‘I really like my football team’


Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer is proud of his football team and really likes the direction they are heading in for the 2016 NFL season.

Mike Zimmer may be a tough coach, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t appreciate the things he has. That became apparent when he spoke at the 2016 NFL combine on Thursday.

It’s easy to be happy when there is progress. The Vikings improved their win total by 4 games in Zimmer’s second year as a head coach and won the NFC North for the first time since Brett Favre was the team’s quarterback in 2009. Although Minnesota made an early exit from the playoffs following a narrow defeat to the Seattle Seahawks, it was obvious that the Vikings were a team on the rise.

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"“I really like my football team right now. I like the way they work, the way they do things,” Zimmer said according to the KCCI Des Moines website."

Of course, the way the Minnesota Vikings do thing is the Mike Zimmer way. Since having a voice in the draft and installing his own defense, the team has made a huge turnaround. Zimmer has a command of his team using a unique blend of respect and accountability that players seem to respond well to.

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Plus, the fact that Zimmer has been able to get quite of few of his own style of players on the roster helps, since general manager Rick Spielman values his input and will take their wants and needs into account when drafting players or going into free agency.

Still, the Minnesota Vikings need to assemble a few more pieces of the puzzle in order to take the next step and be a threat in the playoffs to win the Super Bowl.

"“We have a good nucleus of defensive guys but not anywhere near where I want to be yet,” Zimmer said."

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The Vikings have a lot of time yet before free agency and the NFL draft to look for players who will fit their style and make any adjustments to the team that Spielman and Zimmer feel can help make the Vikings the team to beat in the NFC North as well as a Super Bowl contender.